A child, a mouse, and the elephant in the room

You are nine.  And then your sister dies in her sleep.  You wake to screaming, and now you have become the unimaginable.  You are an only child.

And then there is the elephant in the room.  Everyone knows it’s there.  So few people mention it, they walk around it, and pretend that it isn’t there.  It’s easier to ignore the elephant in the room.  But she’s your elephant, and she has a name.

You don’t have words, but you can have mice.   And so you name them.  The first is called Shaddowy.  A name for someone who is still very much in the room.   Another is Mr Jingles, a name full of possibility and second chances.  Maybe?

All these things might seem possible, if you were nine and an Only Child.

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