Using Tweet Topic Explorer to find out who you really are!

Taking a moment to see what I look like, visually, on Twitter tells me I need to broaden my horizons, and tweet more often on a broader range of topics!

I have been around Twitter for a good while now, and get so much from it.  I’m a bit fussy about who I follow, though, and still follow less than fifty people.  I add a few, then bump a few off the list.  Here’s what I need from my fellow Tweeters:

  1. Value – lead me to something new, surprising, intriguing.  Not same shit, different day.
  2. Let me know who you are, show me that you’re real.  I will love your humor and appreciate it if you share something personal every now and then.
  3. But please, not a stream of daily trivia – unless it has a point.  I don’t need to know your every move, or which hand you use to wipe your ass.
  4. If I add value, I would love to know.  Surprise me by retweeting, or replying.  Make like Arnie, ‘n’ make my day!
  5. Please don’t use it as a broadcasting channel – a constant stream of infomercials about you and what you’re saying, doing, being.  Yawn.  Unless you are THAT good.  And you might be. 🙂
  6. Keeping it positive, constructive, helpful and kind is good.  Although when they deserve it, I guess they should get it.  Either way.
  7. Remember that the Library of Congress is keeping your tweets for posterity, and you are what you tweet!  Write your epitaph now, and tweet accordingly.
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