The shape of curriculum change

Rosemary Hipkins is someone I view as a mentor and guide - her work on the key competencies has informed my practice and that of teaching colleagues.  This overview of some of her latest research, as a senior researcher with NZCER, is pure gold.  There is so much potential here for school library teams, and their colleagues in the public and tertiary sectors, to take the initiative.  We have the expertise that is missing from this conversation, in curation, information management, and in the broader context of being positioned to make connections across the curriculum.  At the moment, the ball is in the air, and someone needs to position themselves to take the catch.  Will it be the professionals who have a deep understanding of critical literacy in a multiliteracies world?  Will it be folk who understand the concept of intertextuality at a deep level, who can make connections across media, across subject boundaries, and who have developed a sound understanding of the curriculum, assessment models, and truly understand students' need to be connected and mobile?  Is that you?  Watch this presentation, and consider the opportunities.
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