Meet my life coach. But look out, she’s got another bee in her bonnet…

Parental advisory – this one’s not for the faint-hearted, and definitely not for the easily offended.  The RedHead’s writing is great.  She’s funny, straight up, scarily wise and totally real.  Also profane, sometimes insulting, and unfailingly forthright.  So don’t say you haven’t been warned.  This one’s on procrastination.

Interestingly, I have procrastinated  for far too long, trying to decide whether or not to hit the publish button on this one.  I love her.  I respect her thinking.  She doesn’t offend me.  At all. But she might offend my readers.  So what is more honest – to admit my allegiance, and commend her to others who might appreciate her honesty?  Or keep her to myself, just in case my fondness for Red tarnishes my newly minted online image?  What would the Readhead do?  Stupid question.

What would you do?  Are we judged by those we follow?  Guess I’m gonna find out!

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3 Responses to Meet my life coach. But look out, she’s got another bee in her bonnet…

  1. Glad you enjoyed the poke and prod and thank you for sharing me with your audience!

  2. Bridget Schaumann says:

    I LIKE! She is just grand. She has forced me to get up off this stool, the ‘watching twitter go by stool’ and go and get some stuff done. Thanks for sharing her. I’ve subscribed by email in the old school way, now I need to not procrastinate reading the emails – something I am more and more prone to doing. Bad Bridget.

    • I hear you honey! I, too, have been straddling the twitter and gmail stools, vastly entertained and totally unproductive! Playing catchup now… should have re-read that post before I started!

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