Identifying your flockmates

With thanks to Garry Wilmore, via Flickr for photo

When I go to an exceptional presentation, such as I experienced with Joyce Valenza and Judy O’Connell at #SLANZA11, I can generally absorb only a tiny portion of all that is said.  I do, however, invariably remember one or two key phrases or ideas that truly resonate.  Before moving on from IASL, and Professor McWilliams’s keynote, I must share something that she said, almost as an aside during that presentation, but which was etched indelibly in my mind.

She spoke of flockmates, and by that phrase she meant the (probably small) group of colleagues who share your interests and passions, who really get who you are and what you do, and who typically send tweets, emails, and referrals which you know will be to the point, relevant and always worth reading.  So you never ignore their messages, you always prioritize following up, and you make a real effort to reciprocate.  You are flockmates.

Curation of content, managing huge volumes of information, and attempting to scan the horizon for the next new thing, to stay informed, and to inform others – key roles for Librarian 2.0.  Made much more achievable when we can identify our flockmates, and share the workload.

Today I created my first circle in Google+ and it is called Flockmates.  It is small, but I’m actively looking to grow that circle.  Are you a potential flockmate?

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4 Responses to Identifying your flockmates

  1. Miriam Tuohy says:

    I hope I am a potential flockmate! Google + looks promising to me, so similar to Facebook, but without the annoying games and ads 🙂 But it won’t be until lots – like, seriously lots – more people are using it that we’ll be able to see whether it lives up to it’s potential to be useful. I hope it does.

  2. Oh yes, you are a flockmate. That goes without saying!

    • Bridget Schaumann says:

      Me too please, I want to flock with you. Google+ = nothing happening for me. I’m not connected to enough people yet it seems. I like the concept of flockmates, the infowhelm is easier to handle if you manage it via like minded people, you don’t need 65,000 good ideas you need 10 that really work. Hopefully that is what flockmates give you via shared interests and enthusiasms.

      • Of course you are a flockmate – same for me with Google+ and I have to admit I haven’t spent much time even looking at it yet. It will be interesting to see if it flies…

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