Saving school libraries, one library at a time: Advocacy begins with you, now!

I presented to a fabulous group of library professionals at SLANZA Conference, 2011 just over a week ago.  The first session was on self-advocacy – the most effective way to protect your school library from external risks such as budget cuts, staffing cuts or worse.  I expressed the belief that we cannot wait for organizations like SLANZA or National Library to save us – by the time we call for their help, it will likely be too late, and they will not necessarily have sufficient influence within our communities to change decisions made on a set of deeply embedded beliefs.

That is where self-advocacy comes in.  We must work hard to brand ourselves as information professionals who add value to curriculum delivery and pedagogy.  We need to be strategic in carrying this branding into our communities, and this first prezi (also available as a slideshare) discusses what libraries are for, how we are perceived by our communities, and how we might begin to establish a professional brand.  I have two further prezis planned, the first to cover the topic of communication, shared understanding, and wicked problems.  The final prezi will deal with the strategic planning process for school libraries.

Each of the Prezis has readings embedded in them, some of which have already been referred to in previous blog entries.  I urge you to read them, if this topic is of any interest to you, as they will be helpful in expanding your thinking about what libraries are for, and what competencies you will need to be an effective librarian in a Library 2.0 world.

So, here’s the Prezi.

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