Strategic planning for school libraries

Here is the third and final slideshare in support of the presentations I did at SLANZA11.  This one summarizes the process of strategic planning.  It is underpinned by the idea that, while you cannot plan for every possible eventuality, risk management is about clearly understanding the sorts of factors which may affect you now and in the future.  Once you complete environmental scanning, you are ready to envisage the possible futures ahead of you.

I recommend that you do at least three scenarios – one static, the do nothing option, while you go about business as usual and hope for the best.  Then do a pessimistic scenario, the one where you hold onto your seat, hold your breath, and plan to meet your Maker.  The third is your opportunity to dream, the blue sky scenario.  What could you achieve, if everything went in your favour?  Planning this scenario is intended to get you out of the non-existent box, and open up your thinking to all of the potential within you and your school community.

All of this preparation is intended to set you and your team up to really begin to imagine what your library needs to be – how you will contribute to student learning, and how you will support the vision and goals of your school community.  What specific projects do you need to undertake?  What equipment and training will you need?  What will you do first, and last?  Then begin working in your strategic planning team to draw up the template for your future library.

So, watch the slideshare, just to reinforce the ideas.  Then set forth with a clear vision, and start changing lives.  One teacher, one child, one community at a time.  Together we can make a difference.

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