Some useful tools, in no particular order…

This one allows you to select the portions of a webpage that you want to print, forget the ghastly click and drag that picks up whatever-the-heck-it-likes on the sidelines.  This is groovy.  Printwhatyoulike.


Now, you know you mustn’t share your email in Twitter, don’t you?  You don’t want to risk the unwanted attentions of the spammers, so try for size.  Creates a sweet little url that you can include as a link, bye-bye spam, hello connecting with followers online.

Joliprint allows you to save the contents of an article for later, email it to yourself, share it as a pdf on Twitter or Facebook.  Very handy.  Articles look pretty, too!

And, finally, Iconfinder looks like it might be pretty useful, too.  Includes licensing information, wide selection of icons, and the search functionality seems OK.

Just four nice little tools from a list of 100 – check out the rest at Digital Inspiration.

NB every link I checked still worked, and I looked at a fair few.  Gotta love that, too!



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