Was Steve Jobs the creator of a generation’s disease? Infotention

As the world mourns the loss of a great mind and takes a moment to celebrate his legacy, it occurs to me that perhaps Jobs has some stuff to answer for. Did he contribute, more than most, to my current malaise – a kind of new age, as-yet-unnamed digital schizophrenia? I think he did, but would I have it any other way? Hell, no. The Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPods that populate my world are indispensable tools, toys and playmates. But they do cause me some problems in my daily work…

I follow Howard Rheingold’s Infotention Scoop.it, amongst a growing number of others. You can find my Scoops, and those that I follow here. Today Howard presented me with a fantastic little gem that just might solve one of my most pressing problems. You and all your online friends are just so damn interesting that sometimes my attention is split a million different ways, and I’m in danger of succumbing to the dreaded digitophrenia.

So if you’re reading my blog, you probably need to follow along with me on my personal quest for better time management and improved concentration span. After all, I’m less important than most online, and should rank as a footnote on your to-do list.

Therefore, I give you a starter for 10 – collated by Jocelyn K Glei, who is clearly walking the same path. 10 online tools for better attention and focus.

Of course if you’re not a Steve Jobs lamenting Mac lover of long standing, this might be a bitter little pill. That’s something else you could change…

Image courtesy of Dieraecherin

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