What tools are you using to monitor the effectiveness of your social media presence?

Although I am doing this blogging, tweeting, social media thing from a fairly low key perspective, I still do what I can to monitor whether or not what I’m doing is being read or appreciated by others. It’s a fascinating exercise, and often the results are not what I expect.

I have been using Hootesuite for a while now to manage multiple Twitter feeds – I have one for work @invlibrary (shared with colleagues), and a professionally motivated but personal feed @donnarae9. I’m considering starting a really personal Twitter feed for the humorous and/or personal interest stuff that wouldn’t necessarily contribute to the professional face I’m trying to present from the other feeds.

Hootesuite allows me to immediately see and respond to direct messages, and acknowledge and thank those who mention or retweet me. I also make a point of messaging any new followers, and showing them a personal face. I have the programme open all day, as I monitor our library feed, and it’s part of my role to answer any questions, or respond to comments that come to us through that channel. We are developing our social media strategy at the library, and have assigned Twitter, Facebook and blog presences to a number of staff, and we communicate frequently about what we are posting, and have established the voice and target audience for each of the channels.

I use the free version of Visibli.com to allow me to monitor responses to tweets in a graphical interface. It allows me to pinpoint which shared links were most retweeted and gives me a visual representation of the tweeting hot spots. This can give insight about popular keywords, and I can often relate these hot spots to new followers who have found us through a popular link that has been widely re-shared.

I monitor the site stats on this blog daily. Doing this has led me to be very careful in titling my posts – the keywords I use in that field have a great influence on the number of visitors. Trending keywords are very useful in pulling in traffic that might otherwise not come your way.

The most interesting thing of all is how much personality seems to count. Some of the most successful tweets I have sent, in terms of response rates from readers, are the ones that are quirky, funny and full of personality. It just goes to show that for all that we should try to provide great information, succinct summaries and offer new insights on old themes – the most important thing of all is to develop and show your online personality. Be a person, share real responses and it will come back to you. Statistically, anyway.

What tools do you use? Are you sticking to the freebies like me, or are you taking it very seriously and investing your hard-earned cash? Do share, I’d love to know what else is out there…

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3 Responses to What tools are you using to monitor the effectiveness of your social media presence?

  1. I used to use Hootsuite at the start of year, especially when I was at a conference and could follow the hashtab on it’s own pane – I had an entire space dedicated to it. Now I just use the official clients of Facebook & Twitter on my iPod touch and the official Twitter client on OS X.

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