LibrarianByDay, Bobbi Newman – advice on monitoring your personal brand

Following on from yesterday’s post asking you about the tools you use to monitor your social media presence, the very switched-on Jan Holmquist pointed me in the direction of the LibrarianByDay’s post from January this year. And it’s a gem. It covers a simple strategy for monitoring what people are saying about you online, and goes on to recommend some other great posts about developing and managing your personal branding. And the tools are free.

This is important stuff. A quick search of the web yields growing evidence that employers are increasingly using social media in the recruitment process. A poor profile, or a non-existent one, may well eliminate you from the candidate list more quickly than you think.  You should be positioning yourself to score well in the social media test, especially in a library world where longevity of employment is no longer a given.

My advice is that you should begin by getting on Twitter, and start a blog. Begin in a blogging environment where you have locked down the privacy settings while you learn the ropes. When you have something to share, invite some trusted friends and colleagues in to give you feedback. Use some of the tools mentioned in yesterday’s post and read LibrarianByDay’s advice on managing your social media presence. Start today. You never know when you might need it.

A useful postscript to this might be another blog recommendation. Jason Falls has a great blog called Social Media Explorer, and he is a no-bullshit kind of guy. Guess that’s why I like him. And he gives great advice.

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