ReadCube – review and recommendation for bloggers, writers, researchers and students

My latest find is readcube, out now in beta and well worth a look if you are in the habit of downloading, creating or storing PDFs.

Readcube provides me with one place to store my PDFs but, more importantly, offers a range of features that make it an incredibly useful tool.

Document organisation: You can group like with like by creating a list, and add documents to that list with a simple drag and drop. Documents can appear in multiple lists. You can favourite any document, which will be useful as the lists grow and you need to quickly access items of current interest. On opening the library, you are provided with a list of all documents which can be sorted in all of the usual ways, by author, title, date and so on. From this screen you can add notes to any highlighted article, find related readings recommended by Google Scholar, and also access a selection of citations for that article.

When a document is open, you can select and highlight text, annotate with the notes feature, take a snapshot of portions of text – all the features you might expect to have available.

As a blogger and writer for Collected, LibraryLife and other publications, this tool will prove invaluable in keeping track of what I’m reading, referencing and quoting. The citation tool makes life really easy, and the short forays into the Google Scholar recommendations have so far been well worthwhile.

Highly recommended to anyone who regularly downloads readings, how-to’s, or creates their own documents which can be saved as PDFs. This would be very useful to secondary and tertiary students in managing their readings and bibliographic requirements for assessment. Try it.

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