Thinking about staff training and eLearning software

What’s on my mind? eLearning.

How do we make relevant professional learning available to our staff and colleagues, anytime, anywhere? eLearning seems the obvious solution. So now a new learning curve begins!

The first stage of the quest is to find the best software for our needs – not too technical, not too expensive, but providing a range of features that meet our needs… just the usual request for the best product at the cheapest price!

This slideshare highlights some of the available options, pros and cons, and discusses some specific features of interest. Nicely done, and thanks to the makers. Thanks also to The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian for bringing it to my attention.

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2 Responses to Thinking about staff training and eLearning software

  1. Sally says:

    Hi Donna,
    I’ve been thinking about the same thing for project management training.
    What kind of features are you looking for? There’s lots out there..

    • Hey Sally
      I’m thinking that we need to start with screencasts, as the first point of call is to ensure ongoing access to LMS training for our staff. But I’d like it to be able to do more than that as time goes on, maybe incorporating video, multimedia etc to keep it interesting, and I’d like to think I might be able to use it for presentations etc too. I had some recommendations off the listserv before I went on leave, and Camtasia came up, as did a number of others. Have you had any serious forays into anything specific so far?

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