Summer must-read – Information literacy in the wild from Kristin Fontichiaro

                                                  Book cover

A must-read over summer, folks.  Providing some great insights through the eyes of students learning about the world of librarianship, “The class’s diversity contributed to new understandings and realizations as the students mashed up their divergent backgrounds, experiences, aspirations, and influences, both in libraries and “in the wild.” They examined teaching, learning, information resources, and strategies from multiple angles. Their findings lend a fresh perspective to the existing body of literature.. ” Download it here, it’s free, and after reading a couple of the articles, I will be diving in for more.  An excerpt from Kristin’s introduction, to further whet the appetite:

“Katy Mahraj’s “Iterative Instruction” or Ander Ericsson’s “Looking at the Information Needs of Pre-Service Teachers,” look systemically at information literacy issues. Others, like Kara Fribley’s “From Black and White to Gray: Addressing Information Literacy Skills in Web Evaluation” or John Cole’s “Hook,” unpack small moments of a lesson. Two essays look at nefarious low-level “bird units”: one from the perspective of a physics classroom (Joshua Skodack), and another from a public library perspective (Caroline Mossing). Some use humor, like Kyle Tecmire’s “Database-a- phobia,” and others, like Emily Johnson’s essay on school librarians and assessment or Curtis Lee’s call to action in social studies classroom, are intensely serious. Lady Gaga makes a guest appearance in J.J. Pionke’s essay on teaching synthesis, a counterpoint to Katherine McMahon and Kristel Wieneke’s essays of the power of storytime and early literacy activities in children’s rooms of public libraries. The stories are authentic, unvarnished, and real.”


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