Learning. It’s become a habit – and I’m grateful

You know I’m no longer standing beside you in the profession, right?

But what I find, constantly, and sometimes annoyingly, is that librarianship never leaves you. You can try to leave it, only to find that it’s become irrevocably embedded. In your psyche. In the way you reflect. In the way you practice.

Librarians embody learning in the most emphatic way. We spend our days learning – to stay ahead, to get alongside, to facilitate, to encourage, to model.

Even if we don’t start out as exemplars of life-long learning – it is what good librarians become. Shining examples.

But beware. You can’t leave it behind. Those seeking, learning, sharing behaviours? They become a mindset.

Maybe that’s a strategy the library world should consciously adopt? Train them, then set them free to inhabit the world.

The world would be a better place. And maybe I can still stand beside you, out there?

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