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Library advocacy – putting the horse before the cart

Great slide share and post from Jennifer Lagarde, Rock Star Advocacy: Proving Your Worth In Tough Times.  Advocacy must stem from the desire to get a better deal for the folk who use your library – not to protect your … Continue reading

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Great stories – where are ours?

It has been wonderful in the last few days to stumble across some truly heartwarming and inspirational stories about teachers and the difference they make. Author Dave Eggers writes here about the teacher who “ripped off the ceiling and showed … Continue reading

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In defense of librarians

From Spotlight on digital media comes an excellent post on the current fight in the U.S. to retain librarians in schools.  The post offers an overview of some of the fabulous work being done, with links to libraries, librarians and … Continue reading

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Using Tweet Topic Explorer to find out who you really are!

Taking a moment to see what I look like, visually, on Twitter tells me I need to broaden my horizons, and tweet more often on a broader range of topics! I have been around Twitter for a good while now, … Continue reading

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