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Transliteracy and public libraries – what might it look like?

Wanting to explore the notion of Transliteracy?  This collection of slides and presentations curated by The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian  is well worth a look. Thinking about what transliteracy means to your services, to the way your library does business?  … Continue reading

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Bad science infographic – great introduction to research and critical literacy

Getting students to understand the need to be employ critical literacy skills in their research process can be a challenge – it is, after all, so much simpler to just cut and paste!  This infographic shows some terrifying statistics about … Continue reading

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Transliteracy and information literacy: Why it is important that we understand the connection

I have been on the Transliteracy bandwagon for some time now, following the Bobbi Newman (and significant others) Libraries and Transliteracy blog with interest. I have two pressing concerns with Transliteracy, neither of which cast any doubts on the premise … Continue reading

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Student personal learning networks – a transliterate approach

I love the domino effect – the arrival of Bobbi Newman’s latest post in my inbox this morning led me first to another viewing of the excellent Buffy Hamilton’s presentation called Framing Transliterate Learning Through Inquiry and Participatory Culture. Bobbi kindly … Continue reading

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