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Libraries, storytelling, advocacy: Not what or how, but why

I know that I’ve been gone for a while.  So much stuff happening that the writer within has taken a short hiatus.  Bear with me while I try to make sense of my changing world. Sometimes you see something, and … Continue reading

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Flipped library: Is it, then, about attitude?

You might have read my earlier post about flipped libraries and maybe you thought, “Wow! She’s totally nuts!”  Not an unlikely reaction, especially if you know me personally. I was interested to read this, however.  A recent piece from Library … Continue reading

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Exploring the flipped classroom model : What if Professor Plum is no longer in the library?

Recently I blogged about using the concept of the flipped classroom as a way of re-imagining what our libraries might be.  The slideshare below is a veritable treasure trove of explanation and practical examples of the concept in action in … Continue reading

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Truly question everything, especially the status quo

When I wrote my last post about flipped classrooms, and attempted to apply the model of thinking to libraries, the hardest part for me was to find the appropriate questions to ask of school library practice.  We tend to be … Continue reading

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Flipped classrooms as an activator for library thinking

As teachers all over the world consider the future of education, we in libraries need to keep up.  Maybe one way to do that is to adopt some of the terminology being bandied around by our educational colleagues, and apply … Continue reading

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Library advocacy – putting the horse before the cart

Great slide share and post from Jennifer Lagarde, Rock Star Advocacy: Proving Your Worth In Tough Times.  Advocacy must stem from the desire to get a better deal for the folk who use your library – not to protect your … Continue reading

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What are you reading and how are you reading it?

Increasingly, we are reading commentary that point to the negative effects of technology use on our ability to read deeply and reflectively, and on our ability to maintain sustained periods of concentration. Nicholas Carr has just presented a keynote at … Continue reading

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